Hey, I’m D-J.

A chef and food enthusiast with 12 years worth of experience based in the south-east of England.

I love to eat, cook and to travel – in that order.

I get the majority of my inspiration from what I have tried on my travels. I enjoy learning from different cultures and techniques from different places around the world – from America to Asia (and everything in between). I then recreate them with my own twist for the friends, family and public.

One of my favourite cuisines is American, especially Deep South dishes.

I recently road-tripped across Tennessee( I love Nashville!) and Louisiana where I found my love for hot chicken and country music!

In my spare time, I play video games, watch sport – mainly football and WWE and hang out with my cat RueBEAR and partner Sam (she writes about the countries we travel to)

Unsophisticated fine food is where I am at home. Food that looks delicious but filthy at the same time, you won’t find the food I create in a fine dining restaurant, more on a street food stall!

I want to show people cooking does not have to be hard or stressful, you do NOT have to be a professional chef for it to be easy and enjoyable.